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Experience Hilfield Youth Camp

HYC 2024

10th-18th August

Booking for HYC 2024 is now open.
Camp costs £130 when booked before May 1st and £150 after this date. This year, no deposit will be required upon booking, simply fill out the booking form below. The full amount will be required by July 1st 2023. If you are likely to find it difficult to meet the full cost of camp, please get in touch, we may be able to help.


HYC Reunion

The HYC Reunion is a weekend of fun held in spring for campers who have attended the main camp in any previous year. Reunions are held in church halls in different spots around the country each year to try and ensure that they are accessible for all campers.


HYC Reunion

This year's reunion will be held from 12th -14th April 2024 at Rock UK Frontier Centre: Addlington Road, Irthlingborough, NN9 5UH


Hilfield Youth Camp at a Glance

A Bit of Background

Hilfield Youth Camp began in 1976 as an alternative to larger Christian camps and festivals. Over 40 years the camp has continued to run through a small community of committed volunteers, many of whom were once campers themselves! The camp is a place where young people come together as a community to learn more about Jesus, themselves and others, as well as have fun and make new friends. 
We promote a sense of community and the opportunity to work alongside the Brothers at the friary. We aim to encourage individuals to learn more about God and develop their spirituality and gifts.
The leadership has a caring and encouraging style, allowing individuals to express their feelings and positively recognise the validity of their own views.

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